This section contains some useful links that may be relevant for the European Community.

  • 5G Observatory – the European 5G Observatory provides updates on all of the latest market developments, including actions being undertaken by the private and public sectors, in the field of 5G.
  • 5G-IA – The primary objective of the 5G IA is to promote and support European leadership for the development, deployment and evolution of 5G and ensuring a European private voice on 5G.
  • 5G-ACIA – A global forum for shaping 5G in the industrial domain. On one platform, various industries from all over the world jointly create a new ICT and OT ecosystem and set the frameworks for a highly attractive emerging market.
  • 5GAA – A forum created to connect the telecom industry and vehicle manufacturers to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services.
  • 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda for Connected and Automated Mobility – A vision for investing in 5G-ecosystems in the field of Connected and Automated Mobility and identifies the key drivers for accelerating infrastructure roll-out.
  • Digital Europe – European trade association representing digitally transforming industries in Europe, defending a regulatory environment that enables European businesses and citizens to prosper from digital technologies.
  • Oulu Flagship whitepapers – A set of whitepapers on different technologies for 6G, produced by tge Oulu Flagship project.

China CCSA vertical reports

China CCSA has provided a regular summary of local developments on 5G trials.

China 5G Vertical Industry Progress and Research Requirements Quarterly Report, May 2020

China 5G Vertical Industry Progress and Research Requirements Quarterly Report, September 2020

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