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We are now concluding the holidays period in most European countries, and I hope that you are enjoying (have enjoyed) this period.
Let me take this opportunity to report on the activities ongoing in the Networld2020 European Technology Platform, and to urge your contribution.

During the first months of this year, the structural separation between the Networld2020 ETP and the 5G Infrastructure Association has progressed. With the upcoming commercialization of 5G, 5G IA is focusing on the smoothing of the path for the deployment of the next generation cellular networks. Networld2020, by its nature, remains committed in the upcoming challenges for the future communications, now going beyond 5G, and an according separation of scope and activities between both organisations has been discussed.
Currently we are still adjusting the best operational methods for collaboration between the 5G IA and Networld2020: There are many common objectives and there are great opportunities of synergies, in order for us to pursue our joint efforts to retain Europe’s leadership in communication networks technology and services.

Technically, and in reply to requests coming from the European Union, we are now starting to focus NetWorld2020 efforts towards the challenges expected to appear around 2025, when 5G technology will be deployed in the market. What new challenges will we face?
In order to work on this problem, we have now a priority in updating our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – in fact probably we are talking of a revamped vision, as a large part of the original SRIA is increasingly becoming part of the deployment plans of the 5G networks. We are organizing a new white paper for collecting inputs from the whole community.
As part of this process, We are organizing an event to launch this discussion, to take place in Lisbon on 23-24th October 2017, titled “Visions for Future Communications Summit” ( We have an open call for contributions of far reaching ideas, which can help us identify key topics for the future research in Europe. Submitting ideas for this event is quite simple, and we encourage all to bring your disruptive ideas into the discussion. The event, organized as a set of discussion sessions in collaboration with IEEE, already has the commitment of several well-known researchers in Europe and the USA. We all hope it will launch a wide discussion on future research avenues, and be decisive for the SRIA whitepaper. Please contribute, and submit your two pager!

Another issue that we have at hands at this moment, is another whitepaper, addressing aspects of research funding policies. This document aims to present practical suggestions to improve the quality of research in Europe, and reduce the heavy amount of work required for getting funding in our area. You will be invited to contribute suggestions on this document as well.

A final word: taking opportunity of the Lisbon event, we will organize the next NetWorld2020 General Assembly on 25th October in Lisbon. Please reserve the date and join us this week in Lisbon for discussing the future research in communication networks.

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