On this page you can find Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – SMEs success stories and achievements, as well as their offer for 5G and more specifically for the 5G PPP and other related H2020 initiatives:


SME Brochure – SME Expertise and Skills in the 5G Domain

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NEW! Success stories – Results and achievements of SMEs in relation with 5G

Through its participation to the 5G PPP projects Matilda and Pg-Phos, Incelligent, a Greek SME located in Athens, was enabled to mature its technology (in terms of functionality, positioning in standards, etc.) and to conduct showcases, by interacting with verticals entities involved in areas like malls, venues, stadiums, and with large ICT companies
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Thanks to their involvement in the 5G PPP projects CHARISMA and SelfNet, the SME InnoRoute from Munich, Germany, developed business around their TrustNode router platform, and is now reaching out to the Industry 4.0 and automotive vertical sectors.
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IS-Wireless is a software developer and IP provider specializing in advanced solutions for wireless systems. IS-Wireless develops 4G and 5G algorithms, protocols and tools. Our clients are primarily early technology adopters including ODMs, OEMs, chip vendors, and operators. The company is engaged in EU H2020 and FP7 projects on 5G.
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Nemergent Solutions, an SME from Bilbao, Spain, along with fellow SMEs Fon, Athonet, RunEL, INFOLYSIS, Avanti, FOGUS and OneAccess, are contributing to the success of the 5GENESIS project.
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Nextworks, an Italian R&D SME with 45 employees, operates in the telecommunications sector and collaborates with some of the major European manufacturers and operators. The company’s team boasts long-term experience and proven skills in control plane technologies for wired and wireless transport networks, with strong focus on NFV and SDN applied to 5G. Nextworks R&D division actively participates to standard development organizations, contributes to IETF/IRTF and ETSI NFV, is observer in various ETSI steering groups (OSM, NFV, MEC and NGP), and actively participates in multiple international projects on NFV, SDN, 5G and IoT.
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Visiona Ingeniería de Proyectos is a high tech SME with wealth of experience in the design, development and deployment of systems and innovative engineering projects for our clients. Visiona’s R&D division actively participates in novel projects such as those involving 5G, Smart Cities or Innovative Agriculture.”
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WINGS is an SME that focuses on the development of software for various vertical sectors (namely; water, energy, smart cities, food safety, health, transportation, finance) through advanced wireless, cloud/IoT, big data and security technologies.
WINGS has an extensive portfolio of participation and leadership within research projects in the abovementioned areas, including 5G projects.
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Find your SMEs by the Business Verticals

Below you can find in which vertical business sector(s) SMEs could contribute. The Business Verticals below are listed in alphabetical order – same for related SMEs.

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SMEs by Business Verticals, listed in alphabetical order

BEIA Consult International
Mr. Nec
Nextworks s.r.l.
Quotient Associates Limited
Real Wireless
Research for Science, Art and Technology (RFSAT) Ltd.
Sagax Communications
Software Radio Systems (SRS)
Telcaria Ideas S.L.
WINGS ICT Solutions
Zeetta Networks

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