The major objective and responsibility of the Expert Advisory Group is to consult and give advice to NetWorld2020 from the scientific perspective and to advocate for the interests of the research community. Therefore this group should mainly represent R&D centres and the academic domain. However, representatives from other stakeholder groups are also welcome to contribute. The composition of the group will be renewed latest in each election period of the Steering Board. The chair of the Expert Advisory Group is an invited participant to the Steering Board meetings.

The activities of the Expert Advisory Group are organised by:

  • Ari Pouttu, University of Oulu, Chair
  • Jyrki Huusko, VTT, Vice-Chair

NetWorld2020 Visions for Future Communications Summit

Following our successful Expert Workshop at Bologna on March 2016, we organized a research workshop, with the support of IEEE, oriented to identify key research areas in information and communication technologies in the mid-future of 7 to 10 years. Workshop sessions were organized as panels of speakers from academia and industry.

This workshop took place on October 23rd and 24th, 2017 in Lisbon (Portugal).

The Expert Group has prepared a detailed report with conclusions from the Summit (download for NetWorld2020 members only).

Based on the presentations and contributions of the international experts at the Summit, a NetWorld2020 Expert Task Force has prepared a White Paper to propose a Strategic Research and Innovative Agenda for the period 2021-27, titled “Smart Networks in the context of NGI”. Download

Joint Expert Group and Vision Group Workshop

This joint Workshop took place 16 March 2016 in Bologna, Italy.  All Expert Group members were invited to participate.

Agenda, including presentations

Report from the workshop

Past Meetings & Activities

The third Expert Advisory Group workshop was held on 29 June 2015 in Paris, collocated with EUCNC’15. The workshop had 3 relevant topics:

  1. “Looking Beyond 5G”, with the objective of identifying disruptive technologies and clean-slate approaches for new, very advanced communication systems.
  2. Experimental facilities
  3. 5G roadmap / TRL of 5G technologies

The workshop took place at Palais des Congrès of Issy les Moulineau, Paris, France. Participation was for Expert Group members only.

Workshop report including agenda

Photos from the Workshop

The second Expert Advisory Group workshop has been held on 23 June 2014 in Bologna/Italy, collocated with EUCNC’14.  About 100 participants attended. The goal of the workshop was to give a status overview of the whitepapers and to highlight further topics that are being considered for inclusion.

The slides presented at the workshop are available to NetWorld2020 members for download.
The whitepapers will be made available for public consultation with NetWorld2020 members in August 2014 here on this webpage.


The Expert Advisory Group had its first meeting in Stuttgart on 5-6 February 2014. There was a huge interest in attending and contributing but given the space constraints of the premises the participation had to be limited to about 70 attendees.
The goal of the workshop was to identify and agree on requirements and problems of Networking beyond 2020 and on a number of concrete strategic research topics. The meeting agreed to prepare a number of whitepapers, and the work on these was immediately started. The whitepapers will feed into an SRIA document which will be submitted as input for upcoming versions of the 5GPPP/H2020 R&I programme.

The slides presented at the meeting are available to NetWorld2020 members for download.

Output and results

Please check the SRIA and Whitepapers page for the latest documents

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